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Customer Feedback

I wanted to reach out to share what incredible customer service I have received from Jayson on all 3 of my orders of Snickers pants.  As a contractor, I order a lot of products online and have never had the kind of dedicated service from any representative. He has gone above and beyond in helping me track lost and misdelivered packages, has kept me informed of when you have my size in stock so I can order them right away, and responded on his off time multiple times. While I believe time off shouldn’t involve work, I appreciate how much he has done to keep me happy as a customer. Because of this, I’m going to order a couple more pairs for my team members, so we can all look tough AF and comfortable to boot.
Hang on to him, throw a raise his way if you can, because that kind of dedication is hard to find.

Done Construction

I bought a pair of RuffWork pants because I was going through Carhartt pants every month. I do concrete and bridge work which is hard on all of my clothes. I wore my Snickers pants everyday for 7.5 months and the crotch finally split. I called the guys at Axmenworkwear.com and they sent me a new pair because Snickers covers defective issues. I did the math and over 7.5 months I saved $550 dollars by not buying Carhartt. I am a Snickers believer forever.

Merritt - Dick Anderson Construction

The 37.5 insulated pants are awesome! I drive a tow truck and need something that can adapt to the outside temperature and the temp inside my cab. The insulated pants adjust to your temperature and I am comfortable all day. I have worn these in 8 degree weather with no baselayer and they were great. I even use the knee pads that go into the knees because I can easily drive with them.  I told my wife to get me the 37.5 jacket for Christmas!

Big Ted

I ordered jackets for my crew and they wear them all the time. Most of my guys now wear Snicker pants because they were so impressed with the comfort of the jacket I bought them.

Montana Plumbing

My guys just love their Snicker pants!

Garden City Plumbing

Snickers 37.5 Insulated Winter pant. A full breakdown of our favorite winter bottoms.

Save Your Knees with World-leading Certified Knee Protection

Hard-working men and women put more pressure on their knees than many top-athletes. The risk of knee injuries is therefore far higher among trade professionals than other occupations. By changing knee pads frequently, injuries and chronic pain can be avoided.

Snickers strapless knee pads stay firmly in position and are crucial for reliable knee protection. They allow you to adjust the specially designed knee pads at different heights to ensure correct positioning for maximum protection. 

The unique design also makes the knee pads extremely flexible when you walk, yet they close around your knees when you kneel down. In addition they feature high sides that prevent your knees from sliding off the knee pads.

RuffWork Pants - Insane Comfort and Unmatched Durability

The Ruff Work pant is considered the best of the best when it comes to workwear. Very few pant options today can match the durability and comfort found in the RuffWork.

Most Snickers pants are reinforced with CORDURA® 500 for lightweight durability. The Ruffwork pant goes one step further and uses CORDURA® 1000. This pant is even stitched with CORDURA®. We are not kidding when we say the RuffWork is insanely tuff!

The Ruffwork pant uses a stretch CORDURA®  gusset to provide durability and maximum flexibility. CORDURA® is also used in the cuffs, knees, pockets, and the front of the legs. These pants stay breathable with mesh venting behind each knee. The RuffWork pant works with 3 different strapless kneepad options. This pant is also offered with or without holster pockets. 


AllroundWork Stretch Pant - Feel like you can do the splits even if you can't.

These pants are made to fit like a second skin and mimic your every move. 4-way stretch across the waist, gusset, and legs provide unmatched freedom of movement. See why the Stretch pant is one of the raising stars in the Snickers Workwear collection.   

AllroundWork - True Versatility When You Need to be Ready For Everything.

When lightweight and durability meet, you get the Allroundwork pant. This pant is designed to be ready for any task.

Made from light weight Dobby Pro and Polyamide materials, the AllroundWork pant is fraction of the weight of the Ruffwork pant but with similar durability.

Like majority of Snickers pant options, the AllroundWork pant uses a stretch CORDURA®  gusset to provide durability and maximum flexibility. CORDURA® 500 is also used in the cuffs, and knees pockets. These pants stay breathable with mesh venting behind each knee. The AllroundWork pant works with 3 different strapless kneepad options. This pant is also offered with or without holster pockets. 

FlexiWork Floorlayer Pant - The best gift you can give your knees

These pants are so comfortable and lightweight, yet robust enough to withstand the rigorous of kneeling for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The advanced knee pad pouches crafted from stretch fabric and hard-wearing Kevlar that hold the knee pads in exactly the right position even when your moving around on your knees.

Smart pockets! Easy-access holster pockets with taped sealed zippers, a reinforced pocket for screws and nails.

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