Winter Work Pants You have Been Dreaming Of.

Winter Work Pants You have Been Dreaming Of.

If you have never heard of Snickers Workwear then you have come to the right place. Snickers is known for being the world leader in workwear innovation as they are a uniform company and not a fashion focused brand. We started to stock Snickers work pants because they offer comfort and quality that is far different from brands like Carhartt, Dickies and even newer brands like Truewerk.  

Living in Montana we never know what winter is going to throw at us. We use an open cab skid steer for snow removal which can be really fun at times. We originally ordered the Snickers Workwear 37.5 Insulated pants and coat because our employees could not fit more layers under their insulated Carhartt bibs. Our employees complained that with several layers under their bibs they could still feel the cold air cut through. Our staff was given a pair of the winter pants 2 years ago and we have had zero defective issues or complaints. Lets explore what makes the 37.5 Insulated  the best option for working in the cold. 

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The difference maker for the AllroundWork Insulated pant is the 37.5 insulation itself. 37.5 technology was created from volcanic sand fibers and it shares many qualities with merino wool. 37.5 is effective at regulating your body temperature because the fibers are constantly reading the humidity coming off your body. This allows the 37.5 to start wicking long before you start sweating. Because 37.5 is so adaptive it is common to spend hours out in the cold and then forget you are still wearing your pants after you come inside. 37.5 insulation stays warm when it is wet and does not hold odors. Last winter I was able to wear my 37.5 Insulated pants in 8 degree weather with just tall merino socks under. The most I put on under these pants is a pair of flannel pajama shorts. We have never worn something so light weight that has been able to keep us warm. These pants are a similar weight to a pair of Carhartt double kneed uninsulated pants.   

From the outside the AllroundWork 37.5 Insulated pants look very similar to a ski or snowboard pant. They are offered in a regular fit which gives you the option to wear as is or over another pair of pants. At the top you will notice Velcro adjustments to help size the waist and give you an option to not wear a belt. The back of the pant is raised about 3 inches and is lined with a fleece like material. We often refer to this as the kidney warmer. The high back wraps the lower back when you button and zip the front. The knees are made from Cordura which is an aqua-phobic material that sheds water without needing to be waterproof. The rest of the pant is made of a nylon like Cordura but not as stiff and softer. This pant is water resistant and does not offer fully taped seams. With that said we have had very little experiences with water soaking through the material. We also suggest doing a waterproof spray coating just to make sure but not always needed. 

When I first moved to Montana I was confused at how many people tuck their Wranglers into their winter boots to keep from getting their pants wet. The material at the cuffs does not allow water to travel up the leg.  Snickers offers a large zippered opening so you can wear the boot of your choice. These pants allow you to zip the pants over your boot and then snap a button to hold things in place. You can even incorporate a gaiter into the cuff of the pant. Our propane company offered these pants to their drivers and it was the first winter they could walk in waist high snow without a worry. 

Like all of the Snickers Workwear pants we offer, 3 different patented strapless knee pads are able to drop directly into the 37.5 insulated pant. 6 Velcro pieces are used on each leg to keep the knee pad pocket closed at all times. The pocket itself is made from Cordura and is stitched so the knee pad has very little room to move around. If you look closely you will see the pleated seams towards the bottom of the knee pad pocket. The knee pad hooks into the pleated pockets and locks in. You will also notice colored stitches above the knee pleats. This is to allow for vertical knee pad adjustment so the pads are always on the head of your knee cap. Every Snickers pant seam is stitched around the knee pad system. The pants know if you are in the catchers squat, on one leg or just standing. Snickers pants take an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes to stitch at the factory because every seam is made to move with the body and your knee pads. It is quite the experience when you forget you are wearing the knee pads and you go to neel on the frozen ground. The pad acts as a buffer between you and the cold, giving you even more comfort. 

Hammer loops are stitched behind the left and right hip. This loop placement allows you to put tools where you need them and is not dependent on which hand you use. You can also hang items off the loops if needed. 

Snickers workwear is know for their interesting pocket configurations. The 37.5 Insulated pant offers a double pocket with Velcro attachments to secure each pocket. Under the big flap is storage for a few pens or pencils. you can also insert tools or pens from the top of the pocket flap. A detachable ID holder is also provided. 

In Europe tool belts are not as common as the USA. Because of this, Snickers likes to offer the consumer the ability to attach a variety of tools directly to the pants. On the right leg there is a button that is stitched to the pant. Snickers makes attachments that hook on to this button so they can hang from the pant. In this example we attached the double holster set with a chisel knife and utility knife directly to the pant leg. Behind the knife set there is generous pocket that is deep and can fit tools like a roofing stapler, pliers, torpedo level, or a paint brush for example. 

We stock the Snickers 37.5 insulated pant in 32" inseams but 30" and 35" inseams are available for special order. Waist sizes are offered from XS-XXXL in the 32" inseam only. Other inseam options will have limited sizes. stocks this pant in black but other colors available are navy, hi-vis orange or yellow. The Snickers 37.5 Insulated pant is a must if you live in cold and demanding environments. We have had ZERO defective issues with this pant and ZERO returns from unhappy customers. We often call these our work pajamas because they are beyond cozy. Our wives hate them because we often forget to take them off hours after finishing work.