Built For Hot Weather - LiteWork Collection

The LiteWork collection is built for working in hot and humid climates. Or maybe it was built for the people that run hot no matter the season? The LiteWork collection uses insanely lightweight fabrics that dry fast and keep you cool all day.

The LiteWork collection is equipped with 37.5® technology. 37.5® is a fabric made from volcanic sand fibers and regulates temperature faster that most synthetic materials. 37.5® also retains your body heat so your garments will stay comfortable while they are wet. This technology operates off of body humidity and not sweat. 37.5® stays ahead of your temperature no matter how hard you are working.

LiteWork Fit:


LiteWork available without holster pockets. 

Holster pocket version available as Special Order.

Email Jayson@axmen.com for pricing and availability.