Snickers Workwear Pants

Unmatched Durability

Snickers work pants are made extremely durable. Pants are often 4 times stitched and options like the RuffWork are even stitched with Cordura®1000. We are confident that Snickers Workwear will outlast your current pant by 3-4 times. Cordura® 500 cuffs, knees, and pockets can be found on every pair of Snickers pants we stock, unless otherwise noted. Snickers also designs their pants with a diamond shaped stretch Cordura® gusset for better movement and durability. Each pant from Snickers is designed with a high back waist to reduce plumbers crack and provide the best fit around the lower back. 

Snickers Workwear pants are offered with or without holster pockets attached to the waist to reduce your time using a tool belt. Hultafors hand tools and knifes can be attached directly to Snickers work pants. This allows you to have your most commonly used tools at your fingertips.   

Does my choice of size matter?

It matters a lot, both when it comes to comfort and durability. If you want your pants to last, it’s important to choose the right size and style that fits well on your body and for your profession. It also affects the ergonomic functions as placement of the knee pads and pockets. A pair of pants that fit you well will not constrain you during the work day, on the contrary they assist you by following your every move, no matter working position.