Snickers Workwear Allround STRETCH Pant +Craftsmen Kneepad + Chisel Knife Combo + Hultafors Dry Marker

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This Bundle Includes:

Slim fit work pants that fit like a second skin!  Strategically placed 4-way stretch at the back, hamstrings and gusset in crotch for extra flexibility and comfort. These pants are so stretchy, you will feel like you can do the splits. The Snickers Allround Stretch pants offer an amazing fit, combining soft comfort and durable functionality. Cordura 500 is used in high traffic areas like the cuffs, pockets, and knees. These pants can take 3 different types of Snickers strapless kneepads and they offer 2 sitting positions for the pad within the pant for perfect fit. Each hip is out fitted with triple Velcro attachments for hammer holders, pouches, or tools. This pant consistently sells out so don't wait!  

Craftsmen kneepads feature advanced knee protection with a lightweight and comfortable fit. Their durable design helps guard against pebbles and various debris on the floor. The EVA material allows for a lightweight and flexible construction to ensure the knee pads are light, comfortable, and easy to wear. A soft interior conforms to the knee, keeps the knee pad in place, and distributes pressure while kneeling.

Hultafors Chisel & Utility knife combo set includes a chisel knife and utility knife, ensuring you are well equipped for all tasks. A double holster can attach to a belt or directly to the leg rivet on the Snickers Allround Stretch pant. This allows you to have access to the two knives you use the most, so your job gets done efficiently. The chisel knife is a robust knife with V-shaped ground chisel function. The chisel knife can be hit on the handle head and top of blade with a hammer for quick action. The ergonomically designed utility knife offers great grip when cutting plaster boards, carpets and Sheetrock. The utility knife also comes with internal 10 blade storage. 

Hultafors Pencil- A grip-friendly pencil in holster with built-in sharpener for clear markings. The Dry-Marker is easy to remove from its holster, so you do not have to let go of what you are working with. The shape of the holster ensures that the pen stays in place even when you move. The pen's sharpener is in the holster for easy access. Via a hole in the bottom of the holster, dirt and moisture are led away from the pen for a longer durability. Easy to change lead.

Allround Stretch Pants- Dobby Pro. Hardwearing yet extremely comfortable Nylon-reinforced fabric. 69% Polyamide, 31% Cotton, 250 g/m². Featuring 100% Cordura®-Polyamide reinforcements.



Machine wash 60 degrees C

Machine wash 60 degrees C

Do not tumble dry

Do not tumble dry