Snickers Workwear Knee Pads

Hard-working men and women put more pressure on their knees than many top-athletes. The risk of knee injuries is therefore far higher among trade professionals than other occupations. By changing knee pads frequently, injuries and chronic pain can be avoided.

Here is how the knee pads work:

EN 14404 Knee protection standard

Knee pads drop directly into a CORDURA reinforced pouch on the front of the pant. Knee pads have two resting positions in the pant to ensure a perfect fit. Since Snickers Workwear pants do not need to be dried in the dryer, you can wash your kneepads in the pant if needed.  

How to pick the perfect knee pad

Do you kneel down occasionally or do you spend a lot of time working on your knees? Perhaps you kneel and stand up many times a day? Choose the knee pad that best suits your working situation.