About Us

Axmen is the ultimate Montana store and is located in lovely Missoula, MT. Our business has been family owned and operated by the Hanson family since 1973. Axmen has a history of specializing in unique and hard to find items. We even became an official museum in the early 2000's.

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In 2018 Axmen became the first and only US dealer for Snickers Workwear and still operates as the biggest Snickers distribution in the USA. We work directly with designers from Snickers Sweden to have the highest knowledge of their products. We are consistently impressed with the ultimate level of craftsmanship that Snickers invests into all of their products. We sought out Snickers Workwear because we were tired of working in subpar work wear that consistently works against you. Snickers Workwear is unlike any construction apparel we have experienced before. Our team is dedicated to sourcing the right Snickers product for you or your company. Meet our team below:


Aaron is the Owner and General Manager of Axmen. Aaron is a Montana native and has spent a number of years in the Electrical trades. After years of working in demanding Montana conditions, Aaron knows great work wear when he sees it. Aaron's favorite Snickers options are his ultra cozy 37.5 Gore-Tex Insulated Pants and his stylish Snickers Wool Sweater.



Derick is our biggest Snickers cheerleader. When Derick is not making sales he is in charge of our outside sales yard. He consistently tests Snickers products in the harshest Montana conditions. Derick's love for Snickers is a huge reason we have invested in the brand. Derick's favorite Snickers options are his 37.5 Insulated pants and his Flexi Floor layer pants.