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Snickers uses European sizing for their pants. Please read sizing instructions below as traditional American pant sizes will not fit the same as Snickers sizes. Snickers' pants should fit like they were made for you. Read the instructions below for best fit. 


Sizing matters a lot, both when it comes to comfort and durability. If you want your pants to last, it’s important to choose the right size and style that fits well on your body and for your profession. It also affects the ergonomic functions as placement of the kneepads and pockets. A pair of pants that fit you well will not constrain you during the work day, on the contrary they assist you by following your every move, no matter working position.

Because Snickers is such a technical product, it is best to measure your waist and inseam with a flexible tailors measuring tape and not a traditional tape measure. There are two ways to measure your waist depending on your shape. The diagram below will help you decide how to measure:



Pant Sizing:

Two key measurements for Snickers Workwear pants are your waist and inseam. For best fit, identify your body shape on the image above.

 If you have a slimmer build measure from bellybutton to bellybutton around the waist. Not everyone will wear their pants at the navel level but Snicker pants fit best when taking this measurement into consideration.

If you have a fuller build then measure under the stomach against the skin, all the way around to where you started. If you measure over pants or a belt your measurement will be off. 


The second most important measurement is your inseam.

Having help measuring your inseam might be a good idea to improve accuracy. Measure from the top of your inseam down to the middle of your arch while keeping your leg straight. Locate your waist size on the top row of the chart and your inseam along the vertical row. Where both sizes intersect on the chart is your Snickers size. There is a size chart image with every style of pant on our page.  

For example, if you measured 36" for your waist and 32" for your inseam then your Snickers size is a 52. Please call or text us at (406) 728-7020 if you have any fit questions. We are always happy to help determine your size. 


Please note that not all Snickers pants fit the same. Please use the sizing chart image provided with each product. Custom sizing available for a 50% surcharge. 


Sizing Men's Tops:

When sizing for a Snickers top measure the widest point of your chest. See the image below:


Sizing Women's Tops:

When sizing for a women's Snickers top measure the widest point of your chest. See the image below:


 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We want you to have the best experience with your Snickers gear. Click the chat icon in the lower right corner to talk directly to our sizing expert.