Hultafors Ergonomic Snap-Off Knife - Auto Lock 5" Blade

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Hultafors SRP 25A is a robust snap-off knife for cutting thick carpets or insulation. The design with rubberized grip makes it suitable for materials demanding more power. Tapered for better visibility, access and control. The knife is made of durable PC-plastic (polycarbonate) with a steel core for added stability. It comes with 4 blades, 1 in the blade rail and the extra 3 in the dispenser that the knife holds. 1 mm thick metal blade rail for additional stability.

  • Used for cutting thick carpets or insulation
  • Made of durable plastic with a steel core
  • Symmetric design for right and left-handed usage
  • Use the angled tip as a guide for measuring 45 and 90 degrees.